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We owe it to Canadians to deliver a straightforward car shopping experience- keeping it stupidly simple.

Our Story

When Vince, our founder, saw customers struggling to find their dream vehicle at our dealership, he envisioned ‘Source My Ride.’ This idea, which was on the drawing board, came to life when Daniel and Hamza joined forces with Vince. Together, with their expertise and passion, they turned this vision into reality. Now, ‘Source My Ride’ connects inventories across Ontario dealerships, offering Canadians a vast selection and the convenience of doorstep delivery. We’re committed to making the process of finding and receiving your perfect vehicle easy, customized and straightforward.

Vintage Charms

Rare Rides, Timeless Elegance

Explore Canada’s elite hub for vintage vehicles. We specialize in connecting enthusiasts with elusive classic gems. With our exclusive networks and passionate experts, your dream of owning a piece of automotive history becomes a reality.

Note: 10-day exchange policy not applicable on Vintage Charms collection.

Our Vision

Redefining online car buying in Canada with unmatched ease and comfort. We aim to be the pinnacle of a seamless, empowering automotive experience

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Vince Ruffolo


Hamza Arshad


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