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Source My Ride is a Straightforward car-buying experience. With a focus on educating our customers, delivering reliable vehicles, and providing impeccable customer service, we empower car buyers in Canada. Our thorough vehicle inspections and reconditioning, consistent team training, and transparent policies ensure your confidence. Plus, our 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee and complimentary 90-Day Protection Plan showcase our commitment to your satisfaction and vehicle’s well-being. Source My Ride—where education, reliability, and exceptional service converge for a confident car-buying journey, all this without setting foot into a dealership.

Absolutely, your car from Source My Ride comes fully certified and goes beyond with our meticulous 180-point inspection and reconditioning process. Our priority is your satisfaction and, more importantly, your safety long after delivery. As a bonus, we give you a free 90-Day, $3000 Protection Plan, expressing our gratitude for choosing Source My Ride.

Source My Ride offers a streamlined 100% online car experience. Whether buying, selling, trading-in, or financing, it’s all accessible online. Even vintage vehicles are within reach. Simply find your desired car, click ‘Start Purchase’ to initiate the checkout. Finalize paperwork and confirm delivery entirely online, with our Client Care available to guide you. After delivery, have a piece of mind with our 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee. If you change your mind within those initial 10 days, we’ll swap into another vehicle. Pretty Straightforward.


We collaborate with major Canadian financial institutions to facilitate auto loans at competitive rates. Approval depends on various factors like credit history, employment, residency, down payment, co-applicants, and vehicle selection. While we can’t guarantee approval since it’s determined by the financial institution, we always strive to secure the best outcome for our customers. We make sure your auto financing experience is as smooth as possible.

Applying for financing is a breeze – all done online. Choose ‘Financing’ during checkout, and follow the easy steps to complete your application. Once done, we send it to potential lenders for approval. If they need more info, we’ll reach out and guide you through the process. We simplify your financing application for a hassle-free experience.

Discovering your interest rate is straightforward. Begin by selecting ‘Financing’ during checkout, and fill out the financing application. Potential lenders will then determine the rate you qualify for. For a quick estimate even before choosing a car, fill out our payment calculator. It takes less than a minute and provides an instant estimate of the amount you can finance and the interest rate.

We value transparency. Applying for financing may have a slight and temporary impact on your credit score by a few points. Our pre-approval tool is a soft check, but submitting your information to potential lenders could result in a potential hard check. We ensure you are fully informed and confident throughout the financing process.


Flexibility is key. Yes, your auto loan is open to being paid off anytime without penalties, subject to your lender’s terms. If you opt for financing your next car, keep in mind a minimum borrowing amount of $7,500 for the contract. We provide transparent and flexible options for your financing needs.


The interest process is straightforward. Calculated per payment, (bi-weekly or monthly) paying off the loan early means no remaining interest charges for the term of your contract. Keep in mind, putting extra money down will reduce your payments and your amount of your loan.


Payment timing is hassle-free. Whether biweekly or monthly, payments start 14 or 30 days after delivery. Need to change the date? Simply contact your lender after the first payment.

Applying for financing is straightforward. For the finance application, all you need is a valid piece of Canadian ID. If you have a co-applicant, they’ll also need to fill out the section and provide Canadian ID. This can include a driver’s license, passport, citizenship card, or permanent resident card. In some cases, we may ask for additional details like proof of income or address. Simplifying your financing application process for a smooth experience is our main priority.

We welcome newcomers to Canada. Certain lenders have special programs for financing, subject to specific conditions. If you don’t have a fixed income, consider applying with a qualified co-applicant. We make financing accessible and straightforward for everyone, including those new to Canada.


We understand unique situations. In some cases, we can offer financing to customers on work permits.


Down payments are typically not mandatory. While most cases don’t require one, some lenders might request it for approval. If you opt for a down payment, feel free to contribute any amount you’re comfortable with, as long as the minimum financed is $7,500. We offer flexible financing options that suit your preferences.


If your previous financing application didn’t qualify, consider adding a co-applicant. This can boost your profile and improve your chances of approval. Reach out to us via email support@sourcemyride.ca and we’ll guide you through the process. We offer solutions to make financing accessible and achievable for you.


A soft inquiry is a gentle way to assess your credit score, income, and debts. It helps us determine the credit amount and interest rate you may qualify for. Importantly, as it’s not a formal financing application, a soft check will be considered as an inquiry on your credit report with the least amount of impact. We ensure a transparent and smooth process for understanding your financing terms.

Trade in/sell
We utilize a sophisticated AI model, incorporating various factors such as your vehicle’s features, accident records, mileage, and service history, along with insights from authoritative pricing guides and regional market data. This extensive evaluation, based on thousands of data points, enables us to generate a tailored offer for your vehicle. Rest assured, this offer represents the maximum value we can extend, accurately reflecting your vehicle’s worth in the prevailing automotive market.
Convenience is key. Once you schedule your pick-up, our dedicated team member will guide you through the process. Prepare by removing personal belongings, license plates, and gathering all sets of keys. Prior to the pick-up, our field specialist conducts a final inspection to ensure your vehicle matches the description. It’s not just a pick-up; it’s straightforward and crafted for your convenience.

At SourceMyRide.ca, our commitment to transparency and fairness is paramount. We offer three distinct vehicle condition categories – excellent, good, and poor – to ensure an accurate evaluation of your car. A vehicle in excellent condition is considered flawless, while one in good condition may show normal signs of wear. The poor category is reserved for cars with multiple cosmetic issues.

We cross-check accident reports with Carfax histories to maintain offer accuracy. If you’re uncertain about how your car’s condition might affect our initial offer, you’re welcome to send pictures to SourceMyRide.ca for further advice. Remember, if you’re not satisfied with any adjustments made to the offer, you have the complete freedom to withdraw from the process without any penalties. Our offers are more than just numbers; they reflect our commitment to ensuring fairness and precision at every stage.

If you’re selling a car with an outstanding loan, we take care of the loan payoff as part of our service. The loan amount is deducted from the value of our offer. The loan processing period can take up to 3-4 weeks, depending on the lender. We understand that these processes can be frustrating, we make it hassle-free to simplify your experience with Source My Ride
We welcome most drivable cars for trade. However, there are a few exceptional cases where we may be unable to purchase a vehicle. This could be due to being out of our current price range, or if it falls outside the scope of vehicles we sell on our website. Additionally, cars with extensive damage or costly repairs may be exceptions. It’s not about limitations; it’s about ensuring a seamless process that aligns with our commitment to excellence .
At Source My Ride, receiving your payment is both quick and hassle-free. We utilize electronic funds transfer (EFT) to ensure smooth transactions. Once we’ve received or collected your vehicle, the payment process is initiated on the same day. Typically, funds are reflected in your account the next business day, although this can vary up to three business days based on your bank. Along with your payment, you’ll get a legally binding Bill of Sale and, if relevant, confirmation of any lien amounts that have been cleared. The funds are directly deposited into your account, and in cases where there’s a lien holder, the payment process to them is completed within three weeks. This ensures a secure and efficient financial transaction with Source My Ride.

Selling or trading your vehicle is straightforward. Just gather your essentials:
1. Driver’s license
2. Proof of ownership or title,
3. A void cheque or direct deposit form,
4. If applicable, a loan payout statement.

A loan payout statement reveals your current auto loan balance. If your loan is with BMO, Scotiabank, TD, CIBC, or Royal Bank, Source My Ride can usually obtain it for you. For other lenders, either Source My Ride or you can contact their customer service to request the statement via email.

Don’t fret if your lender still withdrew a payment after selling your car to Source My Ride. It’s a normal processing time of 3-10 business days for lenders to finalize. Rest assured, any deducted amount will be promptly refunded to you by your lender.

Absolutely. While accidents may impact the appraisal value, you can still trade in your car with us. For a hassle-free offer, just visit the Sell/Trade page and provide a few details about your car.

1. Trade-In Value Deduction: –

Deduct the value of your current car from the cost of your new one.

2. Reduced Purchase Price and Sales Tax: –

Lower the new car’s price and reduce the associated sales tax.

3. Payment Options for the Difference: –

Pay the remaining difference upon delivery via cash, certified cheque, or bank draft. – Alternatively, explore financing options through our portal.

4. Refund for Lower Priced New Car: –

If the new car is priced lower, receive the difference as a refund.

5. Loan Transfer for Existing Debt: –

If you still owe money on your trade-in, we’ll transfer the loan to your new vehicle, including any new financing.

We simplify and optimize your trade-in experience.

We’ve got the taxes covered. When you sell your vehicle, there’s no need for you to worry about taxes. It’s our responsibility to handle tax payments to the government, especially when we change the registration to our name. Rest assured, the straightforward online offer we provide is the exact amount that will be transferred to your bank account, minus any outstanding lien on the car in most cases.


Gap Insurance is your added protection. If your vehicle is written off or stolen, it covers the difference between your car insurance payout and the remaining loan amount, including any deficit from a previous loan. It’s peace of mind.

Absolutely. To transfer your Extended Warranty when selling your car, reach out to A-protect warranty corporation at 1-866-660-6444. They’ll gladly assist you in ensuring the new owner continues to benefit from the extended coverage.

A-Protect Warranty Corporation is your most trusted provider of aftermarket warranties in Canada, offering coverage that extends across North America. Source My Ride partners with A-Protect to ensure your peace of mind with reliable warranty options.

Under our 90-Day Protection Plan, if your vehicle experiences a breakdown covered by the plan, Source My Ride fulfills its promise by:
– Repairing/Replacing the covered parts that caused the breakdown, including labor. Replacement parts may be of like kind or quality, including new, remanufactured, or used parts.

– Providing reimbursement for towing expenses, up to a limit of CAD $75 per occurrence.

– Offering potential reimbursement for rental vehicle costs, subject to pre-approval by Source My Ride and a receipt from the rental car provider.

Refer to the terms and conditions for more details on how we uphold our commitment to your vehicle’s protection.

How do I ensure that the 90-day protection plan remains in effect? To keep the 90-day protection plan in effect, ensure two key steps:

1. Properly maintain your vehicle following the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

2. Obtain authorization from a member of our Customer Support team before proceeding with any work from a licensed mechanic. Contact us at 647-362-9208 to initiate the process and maintain your protection plan coverage.

Absolutely, the 90-Day Protection Plan is complimentary with every Source My Ride vehicle purchase. There are no additional fees or deductibles if you need to utilize the plan. It’s Source My Ride’s commitment to providing added value and peace of mind, free of charge.

Source My Ride offers a range of warranty packages with pricing tailored to each vehicle. To explore warranty options for a specific car, go to the Pricing tab on the individual vehicle page. Click on ‘See Coverage’ in the row labeled Protection Plan, and you’ll find a list of warranty products with corresponding pricing for your convenience. It’s our way of providing transparent and customizable warranty choices for your Source My Ride vehicle.

Absolutely! Source My Ride is proud to be one of the few providing a warranty program specifically designed for drivers engaged in rideshare and delivery services. To explore these tailored warranty options, simply click on ‘See Coverage’ in the row labeled Protection Plan on the individual vehicle page. You’ll find a list of warranty products with corresponding pricing for each, ensuring your coverage aligns with your driving needs. It’s Source My Ride, catering to drivers with comprehensive and customizable warranty programs.


If you notice imperfections not on the inspection report, call our Client Care team at 6473629208. We’ll guide you on submitting photos. Our Client Care Team will review within the 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee period for next steps.

At Source My Ride, your delivery experience is tailored to your convenience. When checking out, choose your delivery date and time. After checkout, a member of our Our Client Care team will assist in coordinating necessary documents. Upon delivery, you can test-drive the car to ensure it aligns with your expectations.


Starting the Source My Ride purchasing process is pretty Straightforward! Just go to ‘Search Cars‘ at the top of the page, choose a car you like, and click ‘Start Purchase.’ Follow the checkout process, select your payment terms, and set a delivery or pickup date.

Financing? No problem! Choose ‘Financing’ during checkout, and we’ll guide you through the steps. Got questions? Our Customer Advisors are ready to help. Call, text, email, or start a chat.

Don’t forget, each car comes with a 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee. Change your mind in the first 10 days? We’ll put you in another car—no questions asked. And, enjoy our free 90-Day, $3000 per claim Protection Plan. It’s Source My Ride, making car buying straightforward and worry-free.

At Source My Ride, we don’t negotiate. Our pricing is transparent, competitive, and haggle-free. It’s part of our commitment to making your car buying experience simple and straightforward.

Absolutely, insurance is a must! Before taking possession of your new vehicle, ensure you have car insurance in place. Contact your insurer, provide them with the VIN, year, make, model, and trim of the vehicle you’re purchasing. Once insured, upload a copy to your profile or send it to us via email to support@sourcemyride.ca. Keep in mind, the insurance must be effective from the scheduled day of delivery.

Test drives are a breeze with Source My Ride! Although we don’t offer in-person test drives at our facilities, you get the chance to physically inspect your purchase and take the car for a spin when we deliver it to your doorstep.

And here’s the best part: every car comes with a free 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee. If you’re not happy within those first 10 days, we’ll put you in another car. It’s that straightforward

Our cars undergo a thorough reconditioning process! Each Source My Ride vehicle undergoes a meticulous 180-point inspection to meet our high safety standards. You can find a detailed report on the vehicle page, highlighting all imperfections.

The inspection covers various aspects:

– Road Tests #

– Engine #

– Body #

– Tires and Brakes #

– Suspension #

– Underbody #

– Lights #

– Steering #

It’s our commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safety of every car we offer.

Many customers choose financing through our partner banks, and we earn a commission from these banks for our assistance. However, if you opt for alternative financing or pay in Cash (with a bank draft), there’s a 3.0% Cash Processing Fee. This covers secure fund handling, fraud detection, and compensates for lost revenue from banks. It’s transparency in action.

Absolutely! Every Source My Ride car includes a 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within the first 10 days or 750 km (whichever comes first), simply contact us at 647-362-9208 or email support@sourcemyride.ca to arrange an exchange. You’ll be swapped into another car, excluding certain fees. Check our Terms and Conditions for more details. It’s all about ensuring your satisfaction.

Absolutely! The $100 deposit collected at the end of deposit is entirely refundable! It’s a straightforward process to ensure your chosen vehicle is secured while maintaining flexibility for our customers.

We don’t offer in-person viewings at our facilities, we make the process convenient for you. We provide high-resolution photos and detailed reports, showcasing any imperfections on each car. When we deliver the vehicle to your doorstep or when you pick it up, you’ll have the chance to physically inspect and test-drive it before the final delivery. Plus, our free 10-Day Car Swap Guarantee ensures that if you’re not satisfied within that period, we’ll swap cars. It’s all about ensuring your confidence and satisfaction.